Click To Call Only AdWords Enhanced Display Campaigns

Click to call only for search campaigns is a thing of the past now with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. However, due to the targeting options (as of this point) still available for enhanced display campaigns, you may still be able to create click to call only AdWords enhanced display campaigns. Here are some things you can try, if you are interested in running your own experiment:

First of all, follow these instructions to create a mobile app targeted campaign. Call extensions are eligible to show with display ads on mobile apps only. So if creating  click to call only AdWords enhanced display campaigns is the goal, target only mobile apps. Now follow these device segmentation instructions for enhanced display campaigns to target only devices capable of making phone calls. Once you create your click to call only call extensions, the campaign setup process is mostly complete. There are however, a few more things you may want to keep in mind…

As always user behavior is key. Just because you may be able to create  click to call only AdWords enhanced display campaigns, does not mean that this specific strategy is guaranteed to be effective. Ask yourself – “Do users know that by clicking this in app mobile display ad their smartphone will initiate a phone call?” If the user intention is not to click to call, then call only may actually result in a negative user experience. If you are going to experiment with this approach, make sure to let the audience know within the ad text that clicking the ad will result in an initiated call. Perhaps a call to action like “Call us today…” may help to reduce those unwanted, unintended click to call clicks.

Take a look at the placement reports within the display network tab. Find those apps that generate the highest CTR. Try managing those placements, and exclude the high impression low CTR placements. You can also experiment with adding keywords and other targeting methods to try and further refine your in app targeting.  Generally speaking, continued testing and optimization over time will still be necessary of course, just as it is with any type of campaign or advertising strategy.


As you can see, there is no guarantee that even with this setup 100% of all clicks will be CTC clicks. However, so far this is the highest ratio of CTC clicks to headline clicks I have seen when trying to create a click to call only enhanced campaign of any type. It is only because of the device targeting options that still currently exist for enhanced display campaigns that the ratio is this high.

It is entirely possible (and very likely) that Google will remove these device targeting options for enhanced display campaigns at some point in the future. Until they do, if a click to call only enhanced campaign is your goal, give this approach a shot, and see if you can find something of value. While you still can. 🙂

By, Tom Hale, Jr.