Mobile Only AdWords Enhanced Display Campaigns

As you probably know by now with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns there is no guaranteed way to create a mobile only (specifically call only) search campaign. However, for AdWords Enhanced Display Campaigns there are currently still some device segmentation options available. So the question is – Can you create a mobile only display campaign?

First of all, in your settings tab you should see a link to expand the device targeting options.


The device models options for Apple products haven’t changed from the options for legacy campaigns. You can easily select which models you want to show your ads on.


However, the device models options for Android are far more complicated than they were for legacy campaigns. There are twenty three different device model families. You will have to go through the list of Android devices and decide which are, or are not, “mobile devices” according to your campaign goals.


Depending on your strategy and campaign goals, you may also want to look at the device carrier options. Do you want only Wi-Fi, no Wi-Fi, only a specific carrier in a specific country, or all of the above?

TCC3-30-13DC-4These options in combination with a mobile apps targeted campaign present some interesting possibilities for AdWords enhanced display campaigns. With the ability to show call extensions with ads on mobile apps, click to call only for enhanced display campaigns may be a possibility. If you are interested in learning how to setup a click to call only AdWords enhanced display campaign, you can get the instructions on how to do so here. As always, thanks for reading. Comments are appreciated, and if you need any help with your AdWords enhanced campaigns, you can always contact us any time. 🙂

By, Tom Hale, Jr.