How Do I Start Using Google AdWords?

Before you consider opening an AdWords account, do yourself a favor – Learn as much as you can before you begin! The more prepared you are before you begin, the better the PPC experience, and AdWords results will be.  There are several resources which are well worth reviewing before you start using Google AdWords.

The AdWords Help Center is always a good source for AdWords information in general, but the Intro To AdWords is the best place to begin. It covers several basic topics like how AdWords works, how much it costs, where your ads can appear, and you can easily expand from there to review any and all topics associated with AdWords.

There is also a multimedia version of the learning center called Learn With Google, if you prefer a more visually oriented introduction to AdWords. Several additional topics are covered such as getting online, online marketing, and managing your online presence. It’s still in beta, so you may not find everything you are looking for now, but you can always search the help center if you don’t find a particular topic covered.

The AdWords Glossary, especially the Basic AdWords Terms is a great entry level resource as well. Some of the lingo associated with PPC advertising can be confusing at first. The more familiar you are with the terminology the easier it will be to follow the learn with Google videos, and retain the information in the help center documentation.

Unfortunately, often the documentation is outdated, and in some cases outright wrong. If or more likely when you do come across a piece of documentation that seems counter to what else you have read, or is not very clear, you can always head on over the the AdWords Community and ask a question. There are many competent, capable, and experienced professionals who are always willing to help others learn about AdWords.

If you have a question about possibly using AdWords that you can’t find an answer to, you can always ask us in the comments section below of course. 🙂 Or, if you know you want to start using Google AdWords, but are looking for someone to help you set up or manage your account you can contact us here. We have clients in many different industries – Some large businesses, some small – We are always ready and able to help our clients achieve their PPC advertising goals!