What Does “Certified Google AdWords Specialist” Really Mean?

There are many different types of marketing professionals, who specialize in many different fields. Some specialize in television, radio, print advertising, or digital marketing. Some don’t specialize in any one particular field and offer services through many different mediums. Some of those professionals are AdWords Certified Partners (as we are), and some of those certified partners specialize in AdWords advertising specifically (hey, that’s us again!).

A Google AdWords Certified Partner will have a click-able badge (like on the right) to verify their partner status. Becoming a Certified Partner is fairly easy, if of course you have some experience with, and knowledge of AdWords. As long as you register, pay for, and pass the fundamentals exam, and at least one advanced exam (advanced search, display, or analytics) – Boom! You’re a certified partner. Which means that not all certified partners are necessarily AdWords Specialists.

Heck, I first became an AdWords Certified Partner when I was still a full time mechanic specializing in primary starting and charging electrical systems. I didn’t become an AdWords specialist until I began working for Tom Sr. full time, and focused on learning all the subtle in’s and out’s of AdWords I possibly could. A process which continues to this day, and for an AdWords specialist, that process never ends. 🙂

If you are looking for an AdWords certified PPC account manager, how do you know if that certified partner is an AdWords specialist? Well, ask them some questions! For example:

What are some of the differences between AdWords and AdCenter?

What are some of the biggest recent changes to the AdWords program?

Are there any new features still in beta testing that your clients have access to and others don’t?

What do you think is the most import AdWords metric to check first and foremost everyday?

If you have any questions you would like to ask a certified Google AdWords specialist, please feel free to do so in the comments section below! 🙂 If you are looking for a company with two generations of certified AdWords specialists to help you meet your PPC advertising goals, please contact us – We would be happy to help. 🙂