I began Thomas Creek Concepts in 2004 from absolute scratch. Managing very small accounts for free so I could accrue experience. Things have changed. I am a member of the advisory board of SEMpdx. Thomas Creek Concepts is now a Google Ads Qualified Professional Company, a family business, and we have become recognized Ads Experts. 

Increasingly purchase research and decisions are being made online. Whether it be business to consumer, or business to business, your Target Market is using the Internet to find you and your competitors at an ever increasing rate.

The three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN account for approximately 95% of the Internet search activity in the U.S.

We are specialists in Pay-per-Click advertising, using these Search Engines that dominate the flow of information between you and your Target Markets. Thomas Creek Concepts is an experienced and tested company in the use of these products that are revolutionizing the fields of advertising, marketing, and promotion.

At Thomas Creek Concepts we work best with small business owners who want to grow and expand their company.

We grow with our clients, and that growth can only occur through committed cooperation of all parties, as part of a holistic business development strategy.

Step into your marketing future. Hire an expert and get Results.