Monopoly Money – Google’s Ugly Turn

Does this sound right? In supposed response to privacy, security, and transparency regulation Google has been relying on automation and AI for almost all initial account reviews related to the new standards.. As a result there have been a large number of account suspensions that probably could be easily resolved with human…


Brand First in Google Ads

One of our favorite concepts at Thomas Creek Concepts is what we call Brand First. We feel your own brand should be the first priority in Google Ads. There isn't as much resistance to that concept as there once was, but we do still meet with some resistance. The main…

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Device Bid Adjustments Return To AdWords

Device bid adjustments are once again available for all AdWords campaigns! Ever since Google removed device bid adjustments advertisers have been forced to treat all devices as if they were equal. Smart advertisers know this is not the case. What does the return of device bid adjustments mean for AdWords advertisers?…


Why AdWords is more than just paid search

Have you ever been contacted by an advertising agency trying to sell you "Paid Search" as part of an advertising package? If so, then they have undoubtedly tried to sell you on several other products as well. In an attempt to convince you that Google AdWords cannot provide you with…


What is an AdWords Campaign?

Google AdWords is Google's online advertising program that allows you to place ads on the Google search and Display networks. Each advertiser creates, and owns their own AdWords Account. There are several levels to each AdWords account, an AdWords campaign is the "top level" of your AdWords Account. Account Campaign Adgroups Targeting…


What To Look For In An AdWords Certified Partner

The most important thing to look for in an AdWords certified partner is above all honesty. An honest professional will take the time to discuss your business, and your advertising goals. They should create comprehensive reports, communicate directly with clients, and always be flexible in their approach. Ultimately, "best practices" are…


How To Create A Dropbox Account

You've heard about the cloud based file sharing program Dropbox already. So how do you install it and begin sharing your photos and videos with friends, family members, and colleagues? It's simple, just follow these steps! Sign Up For Dropbox: Go the the Dropbox homepage and sign in to create your account.…


John Reynolds Cerebellar Ataxia

Those that know John and are aware of his current trials will probably need little encouragement to contribute in whatever way they can. Those that do not yet know John have a chance to bring some fresh context to what is important in life, by listening to the man in this simple but powerful video.