Monopoly Money – Google’s Ugly Turn

Does this sound right?

In supposed response to privacy, security, and transparency regulation Google has been relying on automation and AI for almost all initial account reviews related to the new standards..

As a result there have been a large number of account suspensions that probably could be easily resolved with human communication. But apparently there is a severe shortage of said human evaluators and troubleshooters at Google resulting in a backlog of untold proportion.

Tragic and painful to those businesses that have become reliant on Google and now find themselves crippled with no clear reason why or what to do about it.

And at the same time……Google is engaging 3rd party humans, all dressed up with creds and email addys to look like Google employees and strategists, to vigorously reach out to advertisers, agencies, and account managers and promote increasing budgets based on the reliance and supposed effectiveness of automation and AI. Effectiveness that is still in doubt.

And if it does sound right, how troubling is it?