Here at Thomas Creek Concepts, we have​ had​ a long history of providing Google Ads account management for agencies.​ We would love to continue to do that​ but no longer wish to provide back-end “white label” services to agencies at a discount. We finally had to admit that most agencies looking for such services really wanted cheap outsourcing, basically interns that would follow cookie cutter work-flow no matter how ill-advised our experience told us the instructions were for the mutual client.

​What has proved to work well over time is simple referral, mutual​ when applicable. We are Google Ads Specialists and PPC practitioners. We do not pretend to be in all-one-agency or sell services that are not our core strength. We will not steal your clients or poach budget that has not been allocated. What we can do is make the work you are doing for your client even more effective.

Who we have worked well with in the past:

  • Agencies that are transparent about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Web Designers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Those wishing to hand off Google Ads responsibilities and care about the client and where they end up.
  • Hands-on types that want experienced analysis and recommendations.