What To Look For In An AdWords Certified Partner

The most important thing to look for in an AdWords certified partner is above all honesty. An honest professional will take the time to discuss your business, and your advertising goals. They should create comprehensive reports, communicate directly with clients, and always be flexible in their approach. Ultimately, "best practices" are…


John Reynolds Cerebellar Ataxia

Those that know John and are aware of his current trials will probably need little encouragement to contribute in whatever way they can. Those that do not yet know John have a chance to bring some fresh context to what is important in life, by listening to the man in this simple but powerful video.


AdWords Help Experts

I am pleased to announce that I have been officially added to the AdWords Help Experts Team. AdWords Help Experts is a team of Google AdWords Help Forum Top Contributors that have banded together to help people looking for practical assistance with AdWords. I have been following the work of…