John Reynolds Cerebellar Ataxia

JOHN REYNOLDS is INSPIRATIONAL. Help him continue to help the rest of us.

Those that know John and are aware of his current trials will probably need little encouragement to contribute in whatever way they can.

Those that do not yet know John have a chance to bring some fresh context to what is important in life, by listening to the man in this simple but powerful video.

John Reynolds Cerebellar Ataxia

Want to help? Here are some ways.

Donate to the John Reynolds Emergency Healthcare Fund through The Jeremy Wilson Foundation

John Reynolds Emergency Healthcare Fund

Attend the fundraiser in Santa Cruz on April 26th at Kuumbwa Jazz

What’s Shakin’ – A Gala to Support John Reynolds

Appreciate and engage in John’s love of music.

Reynolds Audio

Thanks John, for your past support of our business, your friendship, and for just being you.