Monopoly Money – Google’s Ugly Turn

Does this sound right? In supposed response to privacy, security, and transparency regulation Google has been relying on automation and AI for almost all initial account reviews related to the new standards.. As a result there have been a large number of account suspensions that probably could be easily resolved with human…


Brand First in Google Ads

One of our favorite concepts at Thomas Creek Concepts is what we call Brand First. We feel your own brand should be the first priority in Google Ads. There isn't as much resistance to that concept as there once was, but we do still meet with some resistance. The main…

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John Reynolds Cerebellar Ataxia

Those that know John and are aware of his current trials will probably need little encouragement to contribute in whatever way they can. Those that do not yet know John have a chance to bring some fresh context to what is important in life, by listening to the man in this simple but powerful video.


While In Town For SearchFest 2013

For those in town early for SearchFest 2013 or tonight’s SEMpdx Members only mixer - I have a SearchFest related insider tip. Recently Tom Jr brought a Google+ post to my attention from SEMpdx Board Member and SearchFest 2013 organizer Alan George concerning Portland Musician Pete Krebs. Pete is one…