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Case Studies

So far, this Google generated case study is all we have come across – more to come from us and others I am sure. Don’t let the participating agency name throw you. Nina does not work for us 😉

Room & Board – Google Call Metrics Case Study

Articles & Posts

Here is a piece detailing a technical fix for making the Current Call Metrics more robust. With good give and take in the comments.

Four Steps To Get More Data From Google Adwords Call Metrics

Prior to AdWords Call Metrics starting to roll out, if the subject of call tracking came up, I might very well say – Have you heard of Mongoose? At one time Google was mentioning them as a possible solution for PPC-SEM advertisers. Here is a reaction from Mongoose.

Google Adwords Call Analytics Explained & Compared w/ Mongoose Metrics Call Tracking

Call Metrics, Phone Extensions, and Click-to-Call are related but not the same. In these early days there is a lot of jargon calibration going on. Keeping that in mind, here Greg Sterling talks about how the success of Google’s “call” initiatives are accelerating change.

A Year Later Even Google Surprised By Success Of Click-To-Call

Here is a report of fuller functionality being tested. Can I get a second?

Google Call Tracking is Here!

Here is a post at AdWords Help Experts

Google Merging AdWords Extensions

More AdWords Call Metrics information.

Our curation of Official AdWords Call Metrics Documentation

Our original post on AdWords Call Metrics.

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