The Proposition Pier

Update: We do have $100 AdWords coupons available from Google for first time AdWords advertisers. The coupon, in combination with the following “proposition pier” idea, is an outstanding way for a small business to give AdWords a try.

I had a great meeting recently with an old colleague, Scott Frangos of WebDirexion. During the discussion an organizing idea began to emerge; a marketing concept that has multiple layers of value for us at Thomas Creek Concepts, WebDirexion, and of course our mutual clients. We met at a restaurant that was at one time called Pier 101. About 30 years ago Scott and I both worked in that restaurant. Thus the working title for this idea.

A problem that I have been trying to address for a long time is how to bring expert and experienced AdWords management to the smallest clients. It is a problem of scale, the management fees most small end users of AdWords can afford do not support the market value represented by experienced AdWords management. As a result many small businesses have to rely on automated tools like AdWords Express, or barely managed cookie cutter services provided by “big media” resellers.

In order to make services at a proportionate fee viable I suggested to Scott that we look at other ways for our agencies to get value out of small accounts, other than looking at the straight fee collected vs time put into the individual account. Such layered value might be – documenting the “proposition pier” project, thus creating great content for both of our company sites, and/or – identifying the smaller clients that are in the best position to become larger ones.

So, here is the basic package.

AdWords ad buy of approximately $10 a day – or $300 a month – however you want to look at it. In addition, a “management fee” of $100 a month will be charged. What makes this fee different than most management fees is that it will be divided between Thomas Creek Concepts for the hands on AdWords management, and WebDirexion for hands on Reporting, Analytics, and Pay-Per-Click related Website work. If the prospect does not have a website – WebDirexion can build one for a separate fee.

There will be a certain percentage of clients for which the basic package will meet their needs. But for many, the initial $400 package will be something of a trial. Hopefully the trial is a successful one, and the marketing relationship grows accordingly. In fact, this is the crux of the value proposition that will make or break the viability of this experiment in bringing experienced skills to small business internet marketing and advertising. If a certain percentage of the base clientele DO NOT grow into larger clients this model is not sustainable.

This is very much a work in progress and will evolve as we learn. If you want to get in early, now is your chance!

Contact Us – and let’s talk about how The Proposition Pier can establish a safe harbor from which to launch your online marketing endeavours.