Importing AdWords campaigns to AdCenter? Not so fast…

If you already have the Google Analytics tracking code installed on your site, before you assume what works for AdWords will work for AdCenter, take a look at the organic Bing data. Google Analytics may no longer report organic search term queries for Google search, but it does for Bing!

Comparing PPC results to organic results is never an apples to apples comparison, but what is the most effective way to build a highly targeted PPC advertising campaign? Copying one campaign that worked with another set of variables, or doing the math to figure out the new equation?

The interfaces are not the same. You do not have all the options available with AdCenter that you do with AdWords. If the AdWords tools not available with AdCenter are what makes the AdWords campaign “work”, importing that campaign directly to AdCenter will certainly not produce the same results. Traffic, competition, costs, geographic and demographic targeting options are just a few of the many differences. Ultimately, the Google and Bing user intent is the biggest difference, and you should not assume that the same ad content will prove effective.

Between your ad content, and site data, you know which overall themes resonate with your audience. You also know which search queries generate the most traffic and interest on Bing SERP’s. Add those keywords, create ads that reflect those themes (Price, overall value, service, etc.), and keep it simple to start – Land the ads on the homepage.

Before you assume anything about AdCenter, start small, and create a new unique structure. You have to think about and manage AdCenter differently than you do AdWords. The structure of your AdCenter account should reflect that. As always, do what works best for you!