Why Did My AdWords Account Get Suspended?

There are many possible reasons why this could happen, but let’s just focus on the simplest, easiest one to resolve, which also seems to be one of the most common. Do you have a privacy policy on your site?

I’m not talking about a legal disclaimer that complies with the national laws of your country, I’m talking about a full page privacy policy that conforms to Google’s policies.

Do you have analytics tracking code(s) installed on your site? You need a privacy policy that addresses the fact that you use third party tracking software, what data that software does or does not collect, and what you will or will not do with that information.

Do you ask for contact information on site, a lead generation form, sign up sheet, newsletter, etc.? You need a privacy policy that addresses what you will or won’t do with that information, and how users can opt-out of any and all further communications from the site.

What does a privacy policy or lack thereof on site have to do with my AdWords account being suspended? AdWords is a Google property, and as is the case with all Google properties, you agree to the terms of service when you use those properties. “Policies may be modified at any time.” I’m no lawyer, but the fact that this line is included somewhere in the AdWords TOS, regardless of the apparent context this statement is used in, it’s legalese after all. As such, don’t expect to find a line that says “You have to have a privacy policy which states X on site to use AdWords” as an official policy.

So where’s my proof that not having a privacy policy has ever, under any circumstance resulted in an AdWords account being suspended? Out side of personal experiences, which due to confidentiality I cannot cite, I have no proof. However, if Google has a privacy policy, why don’t you? Sure lack of a privacy policy may not be the cause of suspension, but if your AdWords account is suspended, what will be the harm, the certain undeniable danger of adding a privacy policy? There is none. Furthermore, it doesn’t take nearly any time at all. Copy and paste our privacy policy if you want. Just change the business particulars, make sure you have the proper contact information, and give it a try. What’s it going to hurt at this point, why not try to get your account un-suspended, and start advertising again?