AdWords Video Project for Small Business and Professionals

This AdWords Video Project for Small Business and Professionals will be more like a Mosaic bound by search than a String of Pearls with a beginning and end.

The motive behind the project is to address the problem of scaling AdWords expertise to Small Business and Professionals.

These early, brief, ultra-beta pieces are meant to give an overview to those interested in being case studies for the series.

Where the videos go from here – which tiles in the mosaic are fleshed out first if you will – and how they are fleshed out, will largely be determined by early feedback and the nature of the participants. So please weigh-in if you are so compelled.

Introducing the Problem – Time 1:55 – An overview of the problems in scaling AdWords expertise to small ad buys.


Fractured Focus in a a DIY World – Time 2:05 – The problem compounded, too much general info, not enough specifics.


Typo Noted – Lot’s > Lots

Approaching the Problem – the Broad Strokes – Time 2:29 – The approach to this video project is based on applying AdWords concepts to particular situations, which means case studies.


AdWords Conversion Strategy for Services, part 1 – Time 7:28 – How to think about conversions for service based web sites.

Conversion Strategies for small business.

It’s a start. Feedback is most welcome.

If this project intrigues you, and you are interested in bartering your transparency for my expertise, then please contact me so we can discuss. The ad buy itself IS NOT free. I would imagine the average ad buy for initial cases to be in the 10-30 dollar a day range. I do have $100 credits available on occasion for new AdWords accounts but the availability of those credits should not be the determining factor in participation. The current batch of credits expire if not claimed by 3-31-10. When and if more will be made available by Google after that time is hard to say.

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