New AdWords click type segment: Tracked phone calls – mobile.

Aha! At last we can finally answer the question, why doesn’t the click type segment reported mobile click to call clicks match up to the dimensions tab reported received calls.

It has been such an issue of confusion and frustration for so long, and we were all left to assume why these anomalies occurred. (My observations on the matter) We don’t have to assume anymore now we can know, and knowing is half the battle!

The problem had always been knowing whether or not the reported click to call clicks actually resulted in intentional, completed phone calls.

We still have to assume (without a dedicated AdWords line) that the reported received calls in the dimensions tab were actually received calls, but of course there’s only one way to actually verify that (with a dedicated AdWords line!).

Now we can see, in the campaigns tab, using the click type segment how many reported received calls occurred from both mobile devices, and manually dialed phone calls.


As you can see, there is still a large discrepancy between click to call clicks, and the number of actually received calls. This is something that we always assumed was happening – Not all users who clicked the click to call button were actually interested in making a call – But now we know for sure how many of those click to call clicks were intended , completed phone calls, without having to go back and forth between the click type segment and the dimensions tab. What’s even worse, is the dimensions tab doesn’t give you any totals, so you have to manually add those totals (what a pain).

We have all been waiting, wondering, and hoping for the day when this would happen, and now that day has come! Since there is not yet any announcement on Inside AdWords I assume that this segment may not yet be available to all. Keep an eye out, double check your click type segment, and when an update from AdWords comes out, I will certainly post it here. One thing I’m certain about is that this is a huge improvement!

Analyzing the new tracked mobile calls segment.

  1. I’ve noticed this, as well, in my campaigns – came across this article when searching for more on that stat. Do you have any data to show that this line does include actual “completed” phone calls on mobile and I shouldn’t trust the straight-up “mobile click-to-call” stats under segmenting a campaign?

  2. Hi Tim,

    The mobile cliks to call clicks have never matched up to the reported mobile calls in the dimensions tab. A click on the phone number is the same as a click on the ad. If a user abandons the call before completed (or a user abandons the website before it loads), you still get charged for a click. However with manually dialed calls, you don’t get charged for the call unless it lasts at least 30 seconds, and only charged manual calls over thirty seconds are reported in the clicks type segment. Of course the only way to verify that is to manually compile the data from the dimensions tab. If you add up the total number of received mobile calls over thirty seconds from the dimensions tab, the total should equal the reported mobile tracked calls from the click type segment. So now both mobile and manual calls over thirty seconds are reported as tracked, received calls in the click type segment. Which, makes it much easier to come up with a more accurate total of received calls (of at least thrity seconds).

    It’s a little outdated now, but perhaps this post might help explain my reasoning in a little more detail. 🙂

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