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This is a Business Blog, and my Business is AdWords. As well as other Internet Strategies, but primarily I am an AdWords Specialist. So it is most appropriate to post about my services, don’t you think? Good.

And it just so happens, I recently addressed some of the features of my practice in a recent Client Newsletter. So here is that info, with a few revisions for blogability.


The question I want to address, is one that I am sure most, if not all of you (my clients), have asked at some time. What do I get from Tom Hale? What’s the value?

I think this is a different question than “what do I get from AdWords”. Related, but different nonetheless.

Ultimately both AdWords, and I, will be judged by your cost/profit calculations. As it should be; although I would like to point out that AdWords advertising alone doesn’t generate a lead or close a sale, a website or a person does that. Still, if you aren’t making money, or are not on the road to making money, accomplishing your goal, etc, – then what good is the advertising. So let’s state the obvious, the bottom line metric is always bucks in the bank.

How you measure value along the way can be trickier. It takes work, and smarts, to get those bucks in them there banks. No “get rich quick with AdWords” crap served up here thank you. The AdWords jungle is fiercely competitive.

Now with AdWords you also get a tangible of sorts, in that the traffic going to your website can be easily measured and verified. The Quality of the traffic, as we all know, is a little trickier. But still at the end of the day you paid for so many clicks/visits and it cost you so many dollars.

But what about me? What do you get from me? How do I help you not just survive, but hopefully thrive.

I’ll try and break it down a little;
Into three categories, plus.

I communicate with you, the vendor (Google), and your technical people. For those eager to learn – education, coaching, consulting, all fall in this category.

And as you know, part of my approach entails getting to know you and your business; because my work has a much better chance of success if we are on the same page as far as goals, message, target market, and the like. Also every client situation is unique, if for no other reason than each client has a different website. Therefore the traffic you are paying for may react differently when it lands on your website, than it will when landing on some different website

If the communication channels are open, so much the better for finding your “unique” key to success.

Hands on Management
This is the obvious one I guess: building ad groups and campaigns, wrangling keywords, budgets, and bids, etc. etc. I have a hunch this is what most of you would consider my job description.

Believe me though, the magic isn’t in the mechanics.

Expert Analysis and Strategy
This is the one that is hard for some clients to appreciate. It is far less tangible. I can spend a lot of time scratching my head and pulling my chin while pouring over data, analyzing the kw-ad-landing page-result matrix, just flat out attacking problems with my gray matter.

Some such sessions are more productive than others, but this is also where the breakthroughs come, the leaps forward. Analysis is the secret sauce that can make it all work, or makes it all work better.

Plus, like many professions, but probably even more intensely in this field, there is an incredible amount of continuing education that goes into staying ahead of the competition. My competition (others bidding on AdWords), is your competition. Your profit hinges on my expertise giving you the edge over others, whether they be professionals or do-it-yourself types like many of you once were.

You blink, and before you know it, the strategies and tools with which you once generated profit are obsolete. And I am talking just about the world of AdWords, let alone the broader fields of search and internet marketing.

I can’t bill clients individually for continuing education, but the time I spend reading, going to seminars, conferences, and such, does result in value for my clients nonetheless. It takes time and money to be an up-to-date expert. That has to be built into the value equation.

In fact, what all three of these things, plus, have in common is time, they all take time. So that is what you get: to twist an old maxim – your money buys my time.

So you say, “fine Hale, wrap it up will you. Who says you are an expert anyway?”.

Hard to answer, without sounding like a blow hard.
But I attempted to so, in a previous post. Follow the Love.

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Oh yeah, there is that Certification from Google thing also.
Qualified Google Advertising Professional


Tom Hale,  AdWords Specialist