AdWords Consultant

For most of my clients I fill the role of AdWords Manager as opposed to AdWords Consultant. But I can see that shifting some in 2009.

The role of consultant to those larger businesses that do their AdWords in-house is obvious.  They want the control of in-house management but realize that to get such staff trained and continually polished may take an outside expert or specialist.

Something that fascinates me as having a huge upside, is being a consultant to the smaller of these businesses. It is challenging, because you are often dealing with stretched-thin entrepreneurs that need things condensed, streamlined, and easy to implement without a steep learning curve.

Thomas Creek Concepts hopes to be developing programs in 2009 that act as training-consulting to small business entrepreneurs that just do not feel they are yet in a position to hire outside professional management.

This will be quite a challenge.

AdWords bloggers, experts, talking heads and the like are becoming quite common. But most do not address the temporal realities of small business owners and entrepreneurs. At conference after conference I see folks madly scribbling notes that I know are unlikely to be implemented when they get back to the office. Because what they do not have a simple clear strategy.

Seems to me there is a huge market out there that is more concerned about learning EFFICIENT cost effective AdWords strategies that are appropriate to the scope of their ad buy than they are about an “expert” dazzling them with the latest bleeding edge theories or just rehashing AdWords best practices documentation.

AdWords Consulting and Management for the harried and hectic has a lot of potential growth.

Stay tuned, or contact us to explore how we may act as your AdWords Consultant, big or small.

-Tom Hale, AdWords Specialist