AdWords Ban and Suspension

Google is dealing with several AdWords problems. They are besieged by the bad intentioned and overwhelmed by the unsuited. AdWords has evolved into a vast, complicated product. The low entry threshold has led to both fraud, and loss due to simple ignorance.

Partially because of the $5 entry threshold and the way Google has marketed AdWords as a Do-It-Yourself product they have a mess on their hands. The problems created by the come-one-come-all experiment in advertising for the masses are many. But primary in my mind are fraud due to misrepresentation and loss due to simple unfamiliarity with the complexities of AdWords. The list of particulars in types of fraud and the frustrations of “casual” users is long. Which makes the situation all the more difficult to address.

But something had to be done.

In my opinion the latest rash of AdWords bans, suspensions, and Quality Score slaps is another step toward Google addressing the issues of fraudsters, their unwitting victims/accomplices, and those that just don’t have any business spending money, anyone’s money, on AdWords. But I have to speak out about the “results” I am experiencing due to their current methods.

This latest round has touched close to my small Agency that specializes in AdWords. I find myself caught between a credible client and the secrecy of Google.

The language they use for some ban/suspensions is so nebulous it leads to suspicion between clients and their different vendors. “ .. account is found to be in relation to another AdWords account …” Plus, there are signs that the AdWords Support and Review teams are overwhelmed and under staffed. This compounds the suspicion of some percentage of bans due to simple mistake.

Because I work in the Small Business Market it seems I now am close to the current front line of an AdWords War on Terror and Ignorance. Collateral damage is already being inflicted, in angst, monetary loss, and loss of time to me and client. My client has been condemned as in some way unacceptable, or has been deemed an acceptable casualty. My losses too, it seems, are acceptable. I am not convinced this kind of damage is necessary.

Because of some “relation” of account and/or person to some other suspended account and/or person.

Google will shed no more light than that. Basically the reason being given is that saying any more would give unfair advantage to the Bad Guys. (which are apparently hiding amongst the good guys)

It is giving my liberal backbone the creeps.

-Tom Hale