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Is Portland Progressive Radio Coming Back?

Portland progressive radio ain’t dead yet! It’s been a year now since Portland’s former progressive radio station went off the air. In that time we have all wondered why there is still no Portland progressive radio, especially former advertisers like Tom Dwyer Automotive. Finally, there may be some hope on the horizon, in the form of Portland’s X-Ray FM. Wait, what? That’s the rumor at least. 🙂 Which, seems to be confirmed by X-Ray FM… I first found out of course through the excellent Tom Dwyer monthly newsletter. If you are a fan of Portland progressive radio, you know that Tom […]

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Why is there Still No Progressive Radio in Portland?

How have things gone for Clear Channel in the months since they turned their back on progressive radio in Portland? Not so good, apparently…And yet, there is as much interest in progressive radio content as ever before here in Portland. So why don’t we have any progressive radio in Portland? Well, first of all I shouldn’t say there is NO progressive radio in Portland… Carl Wolfson has a new show. You can listen live online at 7AM Monday through Friday. Or, if you’re like me and not such an early riser, 🙂 you can always stream ALL of Carl’s shows […]

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Resources For Former KPOJ Listeners

If you are looking for information about the KPOJ format change, websites for your favorite progressive radio hosts, or new radio stations to stream and listen live – I hope this can help you find what you’re looking for. 🙂 Show hosts: Thom Hartmann Randi Rhodes Carl Wolfson: Facebook Ed Schultz Norman Goldman Mike Malloy Site     Malloy’s Personal thanks to Portland listeners Stephanie Miller Bill Press Ring of Fire If you want to find a new progressive radio station to stream online you could try: 1480 KPHX The weekday lineup is Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, Mike […]

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AM 620 KPOJ Format Change

On Friday November 9, 2012 AM 620 KPOJ announced, or rather – Carl Wolfson announced that he had been terminated, and that KPOJ was switching to a sports talk format as of the following Monday. (Click here for links to show hosts, new stations, and news) I do not want to involve my personal politics in the company blog, but I had been a fan of KPOJ since it came on the air in 2004. There was (and now is), nothing like it in Portland. Up to that point, I had no idea there even was such a thing as […]

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