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Newsletter to AdWords Clients 02-03-11, sort of.

Update on AdWords Call Metrics, and other new AdWords integrations.

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What makes a good PPC Landing Page?

I posted the following as a reply in a SEMpdx Forum thread. Thought it was cogent enough to reprise here 😉 This is in response to comments in the thread by Todd Mintz and related article, also by Todd. —————————————- Todd I couldn’t agree more that ideally you would have a unique landing page for each exact Keyword string. As behavioral targeting and the privacy wars heat up we may even be talking about a unique landing page path for each visitor, maybe even each visit. But in my world of micro-business, service professionals, and e-cottage entrepreneurs that ideal is […]

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Devil’s Advocate – In Defense of AdWords Content Targeting

As per Scott Hendison – Search Commander, in a recent SEMpdx blog post. “In my experience the content network is the fastest way possible to blow the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time, while still getting the lowest amount of conversions. If somebody wants to show me any figures that say otherwise I’ll gladly look at them, but I’ll argue till I’m blue in the face that it’s pretty low value.” First – Scott knows his stuff, plus he has wit and a great sense of humor which makes digesting his advice so much easier. Second […]

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AdWords Specialist

This is a Business Blog, and my Business is AdWords. As well as other Internet Strategies, but primarily I am an AdWords Specialist. So it is most appropriate to post about my services, don’t you think? Good. And it just so happens, I recently addressed some of the features of my practice in a recent Client Newsletter. So here is that info, with a few revisions for blogability. ——————————— The question I want to address, is one that I am sure most, if not all of you (my clients), have asked at some time. What do I get from Tom […]

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