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Can You Create A Call Only Enhanced Campaign?

Is it possible to create a Call Only Enhanced Campaign? No, but there are some steps you can take to try and mitigate PC clicks, and maximize phone calls. 1. First things first. You can bid up to 300% more for mobile devices. So when you create your campaign, set your adgroup bid at $.01 just to get the campaign built. Then raise your mobile bid adjustment +300%. 2. Now if you have an ad schedule (is there someone available to answer the phone 24/7?), set your ad schedule. Note: You can raise your bids by 900% for ad scheduling, […]

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AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Week 1

Now that we have had AdWords enhanced campaigns for a week now, we have been able to learn – Not much… At least, not much more than was known for certain after day 1. There is still no way to create a mobile call only campaign. There have been several theories as to how to do this, but so far, when implemented none work in comparison to legacy click-to-call only campaigns. You can try to use the tools available to emphasize mobile targeting and phone calls, but you still have to incur desktop/tablet clicks and costs. Unfortunately there’s just no […]

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Enhanced AdWords Campaigns: Day 1

Ugh… After the first day, and the first experiment with enhanced AdWords campaigns, I am not buying the sales pitch. There’s no other way to put it – Device segmentation is a thing of the past. Period. I can’t help but wonder, what are we going to lose next? What I just can’t figure out, is why. Why? Regardless of why, and without wasting any more time and effort trying to figure the angle, let’s just start with what we now know for sure. What have we lost, and what have we gained. Lost: Device Segmentation – With enhanced campaigns, […]

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New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Are Coming Soon.

Google has just announced that AdWords enhanced campaigns are coming soon. Over the next few weeks Google will begin rolling out beta tests of AdWords enhanced campaigns to some advertisers, and will apparently be available to all in “mid” 2013. So far we don’t yet have access to a beta test, so we will keep you posted as soon as we do. When is mid 2013 – Don’t know. Perhaps June(?), perhaps it could get pushed back to late 2013 or later? We’ll see. With any big change like this we have to remain flexible and vigilant. Keep an eye […]

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