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Analyzing The Tracked Mobile Calls Segment

How do you know how many phone calls you got from AdWords? By analyzing the tracked mobile calls segment. Here’s how I went about that analysis: In the comments section of my last post on the new click type segment, someone asked me: “Do you have any data to show that this line does include actual “completed” phone calls on mobile and I shouldn’t trust the straight-up “mobile click-to-call” stats under segmenting a campaign?” Good question. First of all, I have never trusted that the mobile click to call clicks were any kind of an accurate representation of completed mobile […]

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Three things to consider when targeting mobile devices.

With the continued increases in mobile device (smart phone) sales, it’s more important now than ever to have a different strategy in place when targeting mobile devices. The approach to mobile advertising cannot simply be just to duplicate your PC/tablet campaigns, and assign different bids. Competition is ever increasing, as well as mobile device users expectations. Here are three tips to improve the performance of your mobile device targeted campaigns: 1. The most important thing to remember (and a lesson I learned the hard way) is make sure you use mobile friendly pages, or mobile apps for your destination URL’s. […]

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