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How To Improve Your Quality Score From 1 To 10

Shh… Don’t tell anybody, but I have found the secret to improving AdWords quality score. As a thank you for stopping by the website and taking a look, I’ll share it with you! So, what’s the big secret? The Quality Score Myth: I know you’ve heard it all before – Quality score is all there is to AdWords. If you don’t have a quality score of X then your advertising is not working. And, of course if you pay someone enough money they will “guarantee” you a quality score of 10 for every keyword in your account! Then your AdWords […]

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Has There Been an Update to AdWords Quality Score Algorithm?

I am not one to believe that quality score is all there is to life, let alone AdWords. I have made my opinions on the matter known before, but something peculiar has happened recently that gives me pause. For several accounts which I have kept AdWords quality score logs for specific keyword terms, recently many of those quality scores have dramatically improved, almost overnight. For example, with our AdWords account, I have kept a quality score log for the exact match keyword term ‘AdWords Specialist’ since January, 2012. From January through March, we were lucky to get a quality score […]

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Why is my Quality Score so low?

The short answer is – Who knows? I believe, the real question should be – Why is quality score of so much more concern to small business advertisers than the return on ad spend from your PPC marketing channels? I can’t help but lay the majority of blame at the feet of Google, and their apparent insistence that quality score is not only all their is to adwords, but that it’s all their is to life. Let me assure you, that is simply not true. Try this: Disable your quality score columns for every level of your account, and manage […]

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Quality Score and SEO

Google AdWords Quality Score is a black box, wrapped in best practices. Google does not divulge a lot of specifics, but they do give guidelines. So take any pundit’s comments on Quality Score (including mine) for what they are, educated guesses at best. Most in the know believe clickthrough rate is the most important of many factors that go into Quality Score. For me, the next most important factor has got to be “relevance”. Relevance can be defined in terms of how well you have integrated these elements: -The searcher intent when using a particular keyword in a search query. […]

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AdWords Quality Score

If you are new to AdWords, or trying to break through whatever AdWords ceiling you are currently butting your head against, I highly encourage you to treat Quality Score with the respect it deserves.  I believe Quality Score will become more and more important. Google continues to try and reward those that advertise in a way most relevant to the divined intent of the searcher. Here is what I see so often. AdWords Account Opened. Obvious Keywords Entered Bidding Strategy is Arbitrary due to lack of Conversion and/or Quality Score Strategy. Poorly Chosen Keywords, and  Ads result in low Clickthrough Rates […]

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