AdWords Account Management

AdWords Account Management

Understanding the goal of your advertising is our top priority. During our initial account audit the first thing we look for is a conversion strategy that clearly identifies your advertising goals. Whether your goal is engagement, lead generation, or direct sales, you can and should implement a conversion strategy to identify whether or not your AdWords advertising is working for you.

Communication is the key to understanding your goal. Account management is a process which requires ongoing honest communication between all parties. If you are not seeing the results you want, then we will work with you to develop an effective marketing plan.

  • Our rates for AdWords account management are typically 15% of ad buy.
  • We recommend a minimum initial budget of $300 per month in ad buy for new clients.
  • We do NOT require any long term contracts!
  • All agreements are month to month.
  • We strongly request but do not require an initial 90 day commitment.
  • You always maintain ownership of your accounts, billing, and payment details.
  • You can terminate our access at any time.

Managing Existing AdWords Accounts:

If you already have an AdWords account and you are looking for an AdWords account management agency to maintain and optimize your account for you, we would love to earn your business! When we first take over management of an account, it will take some time to develop and implement an effective advertising strategy. However, there are certain tools you MUST have to be successful!

One of those tools is a large enough advertising budget to effectively reach your target market. AdWords allows you to expand your reach to new, highly targeted audiences, and gain a great amount of data from that audience. Every piece of data has value. We will work with you to apply the market research data gained through PPC to other areas of your business.

Another tool you absolutely must have to gain all the potential benefits of AdWords advertising is Google Analytics. If you are selling a product online, you absolutely should invest in Google Analytics eCommerce tracking as well. There is far more to an effective online advertising strategy than just clicks. The only way to obtain that information is through Google Analytics.

If these tools are in place, that is when we can function the most efficiently! We can tell you where every cent of ad buy is going, and where every dollar of revenue is coming in from. If your ultimate goal in business is to make a profit, with these pieces in place, we can help you achieve that goal!

New Advertisers and Account Setup:

(We have $100 AdWords coupons available from Google for first time AdWords advertisers!)

We never charge any account setup fees for a new advertiser as part of an AdWords account management agreement. We can help you through every step of the account creation process, but there are certain things you have to do in order to remain in control of your account. Getting the account setup is a process that requires some personal information that you should always protect:

You need a Google profile, not linked to any other AdWords account, to be the “owner” of your new AdWords account.

If you have a gmail account, then you have a “Google profile”. However, you may want to create a new account/profile specifically for your AdWords account, and other Google accounts associated with your business. Do you already have a Google places/local, Google+, or “My Business” account for your business already? You can keep all your Google account log in information safe and secure with TCC, because:

We do not need the log in information for that Google account/profile to be able to setup your account. 

We can create a new account from our My Client Center and add the profile/account/email address you want to be the Administrator of the AdWords account. The account is not active until a campaign is created, and the billing information is entered.

We do not need your credit card information to setup the account.

We always insist that clients enter and control their own billing details. We can help you to find where to enter the necessary billing details, and manage the user access level of your account. Once that is done, we will create your first campaign, and you can be advertising online in no time!

There are many “black hatters” in our industry, and we do everything we can to set ourselves apart for those unscrupulous individuals. Ensuring that a new advertiser owns and controls their own account is one way we can assure our clients that we are honest, accountable professionals.

Thank you for your time, hopefully we can get started helping you meet your advertising goals soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us – Your inquiries are appreciated!