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AdWords SpecialistsMy name is Tom Hale. Founder and Owner of Thomas Creek Concepts. Time certainly has value, I appreciate you stopping by and spending a little time on our website. At Thomas Creek Concepts we are Google AdWords Specialists.

Our core philosophy is simple. Give us a client with a good product, service, or cause, combined with a website that does the client justice, and we will commit ourselves and our considerable AdWords expertise to what works.

What works is getting that client in front of those that are searching for said product, service, or cause via the internet.

Just serving up impressions and wrangling clicks is not enough. Real AdWords specialists can do so much more. We want to introduce our clients to those online searchers that are very glad to view what our clients offer, and are interested in what our clients have to say. When such introductions are made, the value equation flows both ways. Fulfilled searchers translate into prosperous clients.

One way you know something is working is when your metrics tell you they are. Working with clients to calibrate their metrics is always a top priority. We want to both be held accountable and have our successes documented via data; not sizzle, spin, and shine.

It takes time, working together with our clients to find what works. In every situation, what “works” is always what works best for you. Every business, every situation is unique and different. As AdWords specialists we realize that reality, and we are always direct and honest with our clients as to what their specific reality is. Anyone can make promises to try and sell you something. Honest AdWords specialists know that promises do not equate to results.

If you are interested in having an honest, competent, capable father and son team of AdWords specialists help you achieve your AdWords goals, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Contact us for details.

Thanks again for your time.

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