New Advertiser AdWords Special Offer

AdWords Special OfferWe are announcing a new advertiser AdWords special offer, specifically tailored to small businesses!

Have you ever considered advertising your business online, but don’t know where to start? The costs associated with most advertising agencies are prohibitive to many developing small businesses. At Thomas Creek Concepts we have a long history of helping develop small businesses through online advertising. For cents on the dollar of more traditional advertising, PPC marketing through the Google AdWords program offers growth opportunities not available through any other medium. If you wish to explore those opportunities, then do we have an offer for you!

AdWords Special Offer:

For an advertising budget of only $10/day, we will create and manage your first AdWords account and campaign, for a flat rate of only $50/month. We always recommend a trial period of at least three months, however NO CONTRACT is required! You will own your account, and control your own billing. All we need to know is what Gmail address you wish to use for your account, and we setup everything else!

(In addition, there may be Google AdWords coupons available for new advertisers.)

What Makes Us Different:

Many agencies will make you sign long term contracts for their services, but refuse to disclose where your advertising budget is going. Furthermore, many agencies who offer Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click services do not allow you access to the advertising accounts. When you decide you no longer want to pay their rates for their services, you lose all those accounts, and all the history attached to them. All of our clients own their own advertising accounts. We are completely transparent in all aspects of the process. If or when you decide to no longer use our services, you keep your account, all history associated with it, and all campaigns within.

We won’t try to “sell you” anything. If you have an established, sustainable business already, our goal is to help you grow that business over time. AdWords is an advertising program, not a get rich quick scheme. 🙂 We communicate with our clients to understand their advertising goals, and craft a specific approach to achieving those goals. We also work with our clients to find ways to track and report actions of value (phone calls, online sales, inquiries, etc.), to actually verify the results of the advertising.

Additional Services:

Although we are AdWords specialists, there are several other areas in which we help our clients.

Tracking: In order to know whether or not your advertising is generating results, you have to have some form of analytics tracking in place. Google Analytics is the industry standard for tracking and reporting. Once again, all of our clients own their own analytics accounts! You control the level of access we have. If you have a WordPress site, analytics installation is as easy as uploading a plugin. We can help create the account for you, and provide the tracking code if you do not have analytics installed already.

Reporting: We provide monthly reports for all of our clients. We keep our own spreadsheets for account performance daily. If analytics is available, we also provide reports based on all traffic sources directly through the analytics interface.

Account Verification and Linking: For local businesses, verifying your Google local accounts is a priority. We can help you through the process to ensure that all your business information is correct. As well as linking your local accounts to AdWords. We also help our clients link their Analytics, You Tube, Merchant Center and all other available accounts to AdWords.

Let’s Get Started Today!

If you would like to get started advertising your business, Contact Us Today! Just include a link to your website, and let us know you are interested in the AdWords Special Offer. We look forward to hearing from you!